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Paul Dunlea's 4 Corners

Paul Dunlea's 4 Corners is a dynamic quartet featuring some of the UK's finest improvising musicians. The group debuted during a recent tour of the UK & Ireland in Jan 2020 premiering Dunlea's “Cogadh na Saoirse” (“Fight for Freedom”) The suite draws inspiration from and reflects the turbulence and legacy (both positive and negative) of the Irish War of Independence and explores how its echoes reverberate through the political climate today. The group were due to hit the studio in My 2020 to record the suit but due to the pandemic, those plans were put on hold.  



Paul Dunlea (Trombone), 


Steve Hamilton (Piano), Michael Janisch (Bass), Andrew Bain (Drums)


"Dunlea's War of Independence suite eschews facile dramatization. It's doesn't dwell in nostalgia, nor tug at the heart strings with heavy melancholy. Instead, the music is elegiac, lyrical, swinging and ultimately uplifting. Celebratory in tone, the suite invites warm, expansive interventions from the musicians, and no little fire."

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